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easy is never as easy as it seems…

now this is travelin...

if you want something, really want something.  go get it! 

we have these grand dreams as we grow up, then life hits us square in the noggin and we begin to think dreams are for kids and suckers and all we really have as adults is work and bills.   i say we have all of these things and can choose to focus on certain things at specific times.   after all, there is a time for everything.

the world that we live in isn’t really thinking about you, sorry.  it has things like spinning  and revolving to concentrate on.  so, contrary to popular believe- the world doesn’t hate you.  you (like me i might add) are probably your biggest hater far too much.  for the people who are investing time in your demise, since they’re watching give them the best show of their life.  i mean come on.  we all want someone to blame at for our loses at life.  let’s try  blaming the one person you can control.  ya damn self.

i was brought into this world a dreamer, became a cynic, and evolved into what can currently be called a champion of self.  i think i’ll need it all as i try to reach these lofty goals in what’s left of this lifetime.  i’m sure there won’t always be a smile on my face or a inspirational anecdote, but if you check back in a few one might surface

a vacation will have a guy start think he’s invincible- and that might just make an impression on him…

i’m just sayin.


we’re back- like we never left…

“sometimes that’s just how it be…” truer words have never been spoken. my main man p- (sinsi not keaton) helped me make my thing more my thing. we went down for a bit, but now we’re back.

in the next few weeks come check us out as we move from posting one guys poetry and rhymes to exposing you all to the coolest of the cool that cross our path. i dig a taste maker.

i just wanted to drop a little line…

conch love

still waking up…

so, i’ve been going back and forth about what i’d say next. i was sitting back trying to figure out the best way to tackle negativity, but remain positive in the process. before i go to far, i realize that the topic itself might not have a lot to do with photography, music, fashion, or poetry. when it comes down to it though, it does. there is no way to share your ideas without someone picking it apart and letting you know what they hate about it. it’s crazy really…

i understand the time it takes to produce any piece of art. i also understand the courage it takes to share it with the world. i am just shocked at how easily things get torn down. honestly, there is a lot of stuff i come across that doesnt really move me. pick any medium; but i don’t tend to say it sucks. now, i’m not saying any of this because i am uncorfortable with people telling me anything i work on sucks. i’m sure some one or a whole lotta folks just don’t get me…i am more talking about the amount of energy someone uses to focus on what they don’t like. that’s plain wack. and, it’s hard for me to undestand it. anyone care to give me an explanation?

as for me- i tend to go harder (pause) when i feel hate around me. i don’t really use it as motivation but as i’ve said before. i want to give said haters a great reason to hate. and, what could be better than having you watch me live my life to the fullest?

to all the artists out there- please continue sharin what ever it is you do. most of y’all really don’t care what people think because you are doin whatever it is because you actually need to get something out of you. not because you are expecting any type of response.

when u see me in the street “chuck a deuce in the air”

officer concherello

p.s. i’m not a cop… and never been a c.o.

ummm…get busy

hey world~

im sitting here right now thinkin. pretty much how to make the hate i feel work for me. if it’s gonna keep me up i might as well do something positive with the time right?

so, i know i missed saul williams at the fly poet showcase…damn! my homegirl told me he tore it down, but i kind of had an idea he would.

so tell me, what are you doing to make yourself better than you were? anything at all? do you have a list? show me yours and i’ll show you mine…

i know this- this thing we call life ain waiting for a damn soul to get involved.