a journey of 1,000 miles…


dance like no one is watching. this is something people say to encourage a person to be free spirited and fully indulge in a moment fun. well, what do you say to a person who wants to write and share awesome things he discovers with the world, but doesn’t make much time to do so? blog like no one is reading? perhaps.

other options might just be to ask said reluctant writer questions about what they’re trying to accomplish; let them know some of the things you are doing to stay motivated; or you could just opt to jedi mindtrick them and move along.

i’ve happened across a lot of things i feel are excellent pieces of work. i’d like to take a moment and share just one with you tonight. The song is Reverse by the group SomeKindaWonderful – when i heard the first few lines i was drawn in by the words, and the way the melody playfully bounced around the doo wopish musical landscape i grinned thinking to myslef- holmes just smashed that.

not for nothin, the video is awesome as well. it’s been updated with words so you can see how the story is being told.

i really enjoyed this and i hope you do too!


p.s. thank you for the jedi mindtrick…

easy is never as easy as it seems…

now this is travelin...

if you want something, really want something.  go get it! 

we have these grand dreams as we grow up, then life hits us square in the noggin and we begin to think dreams are for kids and suckers and all we really have as adults is work and bills.   i say we have all of these things and can choose to focus on certain things at specific times.   after all, there is a time for everything.

the world that we live in isn’t really thinking about you, sorry.  it has things like spinning  and revolving to concentrate on.  so, contrary to popular believe- the world doesn’t hate you.  you (like me i might add) are probably your biggest hater far too much.  for the people who are investing time in your demise, since they’re watching give them the best show of their life.  i mean come on.  we all want someone to blame at for our loses at life.  let’s try  blaming the one person you can control.  ya damn self.

i was brought into this world a dreamer, became a cynic, and evolved into what can currently be called a champion of self.  i think i’ll need it all as i try to reach these lofty goals in what’s left of this lifetime.  i’m sure there won’t always be a smile on my face or a inspirational anecdote, but if you check back in a few one might surface

a vacation will have a guy start think he’s invincible- and that might just make an impression on him…

i’m just sayin.


we’re back- like we never left…

“sometimes that’s just how it be…” truer words have never been spoken. my main man p- (sinsi not keaton) helped me make my thing more my thing. we went down for a bit, but now we’re back.

in the next few weeks come check us out as we move from posting one guys poetry and rhymes to exposing you all to the coolest of the cool that cross our path. i dig a taste maker.

i just wanted to drop a little line…

conch love

an afternoon thought…

navigating the maze...

I put my hands up; Let go and let god

Wasn’t nowhere near a secret I was stressed y’all

Wished I could press pause or at least slow it down

Why the hell I wanna hang around all them bogus clowns

This aint a rodeo; sure as hell not a circus

I don’t have a plan, but I know have a purpose

Holdin my breath im delving deeper than the surface

Im searching for understanding of what my worth is

Is it my weight in gold? Hell to the no

Its the aura that surrounds my body that reflects my soul