we’re back- like we never left…

“sometimes that’s just how it be…” truer words have never been spoken. my main man p- (sinsi not keaton) helped me make my thing more my thing. we went down for a bit, but now we’re back.

in the next few weeks come check us out as we move from posting one guys poetry and rhymes to exposing you all to the coolest of the cool that cross our path. i dig a taste maker.

i just wanted to drop a little line…

conch love

an afternoon thought…

navigating the maze...

I put my hands up; Let go and let god

Wasn’t nowhere near a secret I was stressed y’all

Wished I could press pause or at least slow it down

Why the hell I wanna hang around all them bogus clowns

This aint a rodeo; sure as hell not a circus

I don’t have a plan, but I know have a purpose

Holdin my breath im delving deeper than the surface

Im searching for understanding of what my worth is

Is it my weight in gold? Hell to the no

Its the aura that surrounds my body that reflects my soul