the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…


Big Stuff the Band

This band is something else. I can’t say I’ve found many groups recently that I enjoy listening to live more than these folks. I guess that is pretty obvious by how much I check them out all over NYC.

Here’s a bit of a recap I began to jot down one of the first times I’d seen them at my local bar.

So what I saw was something building.

They took me, a wanderer- on a sonic voyage. Is that too much? It might just be.

As I sat there I began to notice the room’s energy shift and I felt like they were toying with us a bit. It went kinda like this.

A few covers of music that might be older than they are. All done so well that I was shocked.

What I was most impressed by was how well the instruments were mixed. All the levels were on point.

Okay cool, they hit me with what you know I love about soul music. That’s awesome.

But then, in the next moment -I saw an ill double up happening with the number of people in the room. VIBES.

The number of the people paying attention to the tunes increased.

5 to 10. To 20. To a respectable 40 ish.

But that wasn’t the thing though. In my opinion it was the texture of the music being woven together in the fashion of the finest of tapestries.

People came and left . Then more staggered in the stayed. The folks that stayed partook and gave the band some energy. Big Stuff gave it right back.

I’ve heard that there’s a about 8 members in band, but I generally see about 4. I believe it has a lot to do with the size and limited space in some of the bars. It’ll be dope to catch them with everyone on stage together, but I swear I love what I get each time I hear them.

I encourage you to make the time to check them out as close to now as possible and if you’re ever in a city and they’re performing- pull up.