the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…


the essence of sharing…(untitled)

I had friends in high places tryin to keep me low

Mad friends in low places trying to keep my high

Some say, I came at erybody sideways

I let the days turn to nights and stayed livin my life

Through gripes and complaints- heat stained rain evaporates

The path I walk is kind of righteous, I bumped into a saint

Who was way more weary, clearly aint no rest for a soul

With a lot on its mind and no real place to go

I let go of my ego, people, and steelo the same day

I took off all of my cool and put on my game face

Even if you win the rat race you’re still a rat

I might whisper in your ear, but still want you to holla black

Matter fact; go head keep the contact minimal

Real aint really real- all this communications subliminal

I might lend you an ear, then defend what I didn’t do

I tend to pick up a pen and try to script you a visual

I figured, some one would want to take it too literal

While I listen intently, but pretend I’m not hearing you.

Yeah, it’s a miracle I’ve made it this far

Still poly-ing with that saint, forcing smiles discussing our scars

More were gained by love than any war could ever get me

Trouble bubbles to the surface thoughts are just worth pennies

I got a nickel and a dime, thinking bout getting a quarter

All of it is worthless, while standing thirsty in the presence of holy water

Know what I mean???

conch love