the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…


a journey of 1,000 miles…


dance like no one is watching. this is something people say to encourage a person to be free spirited and fully indulge in a moment fun. well, what do you say to a person who wants to write and share awesome things he discovers with the world, but doesn’t make much time to do so? blog like no one is reading? perhaps.

other options might just be to ask said reluctant writer questions about what they’re trying to accomplish; let them know some of the things you are doing to stay motivated; or you could just opt to jedi mindtrick them and move along.

i’ve happened across a lot of things i feel are excellent pieces of work. i’d like to take a moment and share just one with you tonight. The song is Reverse by the group SomeKindaWonderful – when i heard the first few lines i was drawn in by the words, and the way the melody playfully bounced around the doo wopish musical landscape i grinned thinking to myslef- holmes just smashed that.

not for nothin, the video is awesome as well. it’s been updated with words so you can see how the story is being told.

i really enjoyed this and i hope you do too!


p.s. thank you for the jedi mindtrick…