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The group HABNORMAL is a duo comprised of DJ Habit and MC Abnormal hailing from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. It’s important for me to note its specifically the west side of the valley. As I sit typing these words I’m kinda at a loss as to how to introduce them to you. I realize the statement that feels the best is that these are two of my favorite people making music. With Habit consistently being the reason a lot of people made music. He had the beats, the cuts and scratches, and up until this project- was a very low key MC. Ab has always been one-of if not the nicest (meaning best)people penning rhymes and a general reason a person might rewrite something. Lol.

When I heard about. this project I was curios as to what these two would sound like together for an entire project and if anyone’s energy would be more forward facing. What I heard was an amazing blend of what I love most about them individually. A sort of seamless blending of hearing the right thing at the right time for me.

Admittedly, l’m biased. When I hear the words I see home. What makes this ever more ill is that I understand the perspective and how it both differs from mine and has influenced it. I mean, I can’t even begin to count the nights, conversations and sessions we’ve all spent around each other.

Hopefully, I can get around my guys sooner than later so I can do a proper interview so we can get into who they are and how they got here, but for now rock out to the project…

Newness- loading

The point of this thing is to bring you things I enjoy and present the people doing them. With the caveat that it’s people I actually know or have met irl (in real life for the boomers like me).

I have a few things I’m working on, but you can expect at least 3 posts per week with links to the work.

As I begin to kick the e dust off of the site, I’m just gon let it do what it do. I hope you enjoy what you see and connect to what you like.

I’ve learned that this stuff ain’t easy. I’ve also learned that my part is to present it and let the universe start universing.

So, if we’ve met and I’ve dug your art- now might be a time to connect. I’m looking to reach out to y’all both near and far. Keep in mind that I move at my pace, so if I take too long to hit u up- you can always get at me.

Also, as I start to create more for myself, it won’t always be here. I have another space for that.

Love is love,


am i a trekkie?

the people that know me pretty much know i dig stark trek. as i started thinking about it, i realized i had watch all of the series between two and seven time. i started noticing reoccring themes and nods to other series.

so me being me i started taking some notes. then i started asking others what if they had noticed them as well or was i main this stuff up in my head.

then, i realized that most of my friends weren’t on it like that. and, i started to think maybe i was a trekkie.

so, as i continued to dig- i saws what people were out there really doin. there were conventions, people dressing up in uniforms, putting spock ears on. then i thought- nah, i’m not a trekkie.

well i guess im goin to see where about i land. i’m lookin to connect wth people all over this spectrum and see bout it. i’ll update y’all here on what i stumble upon.



where are my creatives?

Hello folks!

i’m interested in knowing what mediums my creative friends are passionate about. not just from the way they express themselves, but what they like to enjoy out there as well. i’ve toyed with an idea for several years, but now i believe it’s time to really put some thought into it.

over the next few months i will reveal more, but until then i will just showcase some of the fa bo lo us ( i can spell, but the raper has ruined the spelling of this word for me!) friends and people i’ve encountered over the years. for me it will be a trip down memory lane in a sense. for you, some good music, photos, placing to hang out, and dance your moody blues away.

see ya soon!

love is love,

cookie throw down!

i might have challenged the ladies at my local bar to a cookie throw down a couple weeks ago. ummm, i didn’t know they were so competitive. i mean 2 of them are in my fantasy football league and rib me pretty good when they beat me, but this is a whole nother level. i did get a tip yesterday from one of ’em, but we’ll see what it does for me.

all i gotta say is Rachel Ray don’t fail me now! i would’ve used a recipe from Paula Deen, but i only have like 50 pounds of butter in the house and i did’nt feel like running back out to the store to get more…

i love the fact that my hood has random cookie throw downs on any given Sunday!

wish me luck and there will be pics of all the cookies later. if ur down in astoria- u know where we’re at. bring milk!