the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…


am i a trekkie?

the people that know me pretty much know i dig stark trek. as i started thinking about it, i realized i had watch all of the series between two and seven time. i started noticing reoccring themes and nods to other series.

so me being me i started taking some notes. then i started asking others what if they had noticed them as well or was i main this stuff up in my head.

then, i realized that most of my friends weren’t on it like that. and, i started to think maybe i was a trekkie.

so, as i continued to dig- i saws what people were out there really doin. there were conventions, people dressing up in uniforms, putting spock ears on. then i thought- nah, i’m not a trekkie.

well i guess im goin to see where about i land. i’m lookin to connect wth people all over this spectrum and see bout it. i’ll update y’all here on what i stumble upon.