the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…


cookie throw down!

i might have challenged the ladies at my local bar to a cookie throw down a couple weeks ago. ummm, i didn’t know they were so competitive. i mean 2 of them are in my fantasy football league and rib me pretty good when they beat me, but this is a whole nother level. i did get a tip yesterday from one of ’em, but we’ll see what it does for me.

all i gotta say is Rachel Ray don’t fail me now! i would’ve used a recipe from Paula Deen, but i only have like 50 pounds of butter in the house and i did’nt feel like running back out to the store to get more…

i love the fact that my hood has random cookie throw downs on any given Sunday!

wish me luck and there will be pics of all the cookies later. if ur down in astoria- u know where we’re at. bring milk!