the robot is stuck for a reason

the robot is stuck for a reason

not stuck like stuck tho, stuck like tight…



The group HABNORMAL is a duo comprised of DJ Habit and MC Abnormal hailing from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. It’s important for me to note its specifically the west side of the valley. As I sit typing these words I’m kinda at a loss as to how to introduce them to you. I realize the statement that feels the best is that these are two of my favorite people making music. With Habit consistently being the reason a lot of people made music. He had the beats, the cuts and scratches, and up until this project- was a very low key MC. Ab has always been one-of if not the nicest (meaning best)people penning rhymes and a general reason a person might rewrite something. Lol.

When I heard about. this project I was curios as to what these two would sound like together for an entire project and if anyone’s energy would be more forward facing. What I heard was an amazing blend of what I love most about them individually. A sort of seamless blending of hearing the right thing at the right time for me.

Admittedly, l’m biased. When I hear the words I see home. What makes this ever more ill is that I understand the perspective and how it both differs from mine and has influenced it. I mean, I can’t even begin to count the nights, conversations and sessions we’ve all spent around each other.

Hopefully, I can get around my guys sooner than later so I can do a proper interview so we can get into who they are and how they got here, but for now rock out to the project…